Finding Roanoak

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To save the colony, Emme might have to sacrifice her self.

Emme is the midwife for the Roanoak Colony. Circumstances threaten their survival, but Emme has met a European man calling himself Tighe in the forest where no European man should be.

Tighe has problems of his own. His people fled across the sea to escape mortal men and their iron weapons, but now they are dying out. Stealing children is not an option, but Tighe hopes if Emme and some of the other from the failing colony will agree to come live with his people they will interbreed. However his mother is opposed to bringing mortals into Faerie and threatens to close the border sealing the Fae in and sealing their doom. At the same time, he has lost Emme’s trust and does not know how to regain it. His efforts to protect her with Fae magic have also cast a suspicion of witchcraft on her from the expedition.


His tone was wrong. In addition to the striking coloring, she now noticed the stranger was a little odd looking. His face was thin, regal even. And a little anxious. Something about the tight set of his eyes and the pressure along his lips. His accent was a bit odd too. Like none she’d ever heard. “No, why?”

He sighed, the first overt sign of his tension. “We don’t need your people hunting us again.”

“My people? You aren’t one of the natives. Has Ananias been harassing your people too? That man is a fool.”

All the tension melted off his face as he laughed. “I knew you would be different.”


“Not like the others of your kind. My mother did not believe me.”

“Your mother?” Emme felt a vast sucking sensation under her feet. He talked like a mad man. A mad man with a mother who could be just as mad. What were the two of them doing by themselves in the New World? There had been no women in the previous expedition, especially not mothers.

His laugh lessened to a smile. “Why are you here alone?”

Emme swallowed. “I wanted to find you so you could teach me how you healed Margery. I’m sure there is some way I can repay you.” Her face heated as a repayment option came to mind. It had been some time since William died. She had not thought she would miss the marriage bed, and when the options were among the men of the colony, she didn’t, but this man? This man made her wonder.

“I wish I could. Your people have need of that kind of magic. Will you walk with me?”


Tighe took her hand. His skin was soft as if he did no work. Contact sent a shiver of delight through her. “Just through the forest. To enjoy the day. When was the last time you enjoyed a day?”

Buy at: Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo Books : GooglePlay

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