Christa Maurice spends a lot of time lost in imagination. When not writing, she loves to travel and has spent several years living overseas. In four years living in Abu Dhabi where the temperature was always hot, the sunrise and sunset were pretty stable year ‘round, she could go weeks without speaking to a man who wasn’t selling her groceries. You know that happens to a woman living in what amounts to a harem situation? She spends a lot of time talking about shoes and thinking about men. Which brings us right back to being lost in imagination…

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Contemporary Romance

Drawn To the Rhythm series

Rock And Roll State Of Mind series

Hollywood Nights series

Arden FD series

Weaver’s Circle series


Historical (70’s) Romance

Addicted to Love


Single title

Melody Unchained

One Ring To Rule





2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. i just read ur short. I enjoyed it. if u decide to make it longer I wood love to read it. the only thing I noticed that I was missing was a description of what sam look like (i.e. hair color, eye color). as far as a title? not so good making suggestions but mayb sumthing to do with the movies since that’s how they meet, sumthing about being relationship shy cause their both divorced, or mayb sumthing to refer to them changing their routines? keep doing what u do 4 those of us who can’t but enjoy the result.

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