Weaver’s Circle Box 2

Protecting Lucy

After being kidnapped in Thailand, Lucy comes back to Weaver’s Circle to shoot a pilot for a travel show about small town festivals and heal. A small town must be safer than a foreign country. Police Chief Dan is hoping so. He lost his wife eight years ago in a convenience store robbery in New York. In Weaver’s Circle he hopes that he can protect everyone, especially the fragile but fierce Lucy.

Too bad both of them are wrong.

Rescuing Jack

Marie Franklin set up her vet clinic in quiet Weaver’s Circle to escape a past she isn’t proud of and the notoriety that led to it. She wants to belong in the close, small town, but she doesn’t want them to find out who she was. Will Perkins is about as in as a person can get in town. Related to a founding family, nephew of the middle school principal, local mechanic, and volunteer firefighter, he knows everybody. Except Marie who he would like to know better.

Enter one puppy with a voracious appetite and no manners.

Celebrating Flora

Wally Kohler left town years ago to work for rock stars. He’s traveled the world, but always had a soft spot for his hometown (and a certain amount of guilt for not getting back sooner.) When a friend asks him to babysit an out of control starlet for Christmas, he decides it’s time to visit. Flora has given up on family. Her own family sees her as a cash cow and Christmas is a huge payday.

Weaver’s Circle could be the gift both of them need.