#2 Send Me an Angel





She’s perfect. Too perfect.

Angela Carpenter doesn’t want to take the part of Alan Kneis’ girlfriend to make sure he stays on the wagon, but unsuccessful actresses with equally unsuccessful roommates could not afford to turn down six-figure jobs. The fact that he’s so determined to stick to his rehab and get his kids back really appeals to her, but eventually he’s going to find out that she was playing a part. She needs to keep him straight and her heart off her sleeve to make this work at all.

SEND ME AN ANGEL is the second book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series. If you enjoy wrenching conflict and characters who are struggling with change, then you’ll love this heart warming story.



“I’m not going to ask you to marry me if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

He really did pay attention. She wanted to hear him say the words and dreaded it at the same time. If he did ask, what would she say? Tell him the truth? Figure out how to lie about it for the rest of her life? “That’s comforting.”

“I was going to ask you to come on tour with me.”

“On tour?”

Alan tightened his hold on her waist. “You’d have to quit your job, but you’d be traveling with me. I can take care of you. And you can-.” He paused, his fingers stroking her. “You can take care of me. Make sure I stay sober so I can bring my kids home.”

“Is that all you want?” Angie twisted so she could see his face. Sarah looked so much like him. The same sweet, innocent face. The same earnest hopefulness masking fear of abandonment.

“I want more, but I wasn’t pressuring you. If I can make it through this tour, I can do anything.”

Angie leaned her head on his shoulder. If he could get through this tour he could do anything. And that would be why he would dump her and start seeing someone who looked just like her, but didn’t remind him of when he was weak. One way or another, she was going to lose him. Why was she even pretending like she had a choice? She closed her eyes, fighting tears. “I’ll do it. I’ll go on tour with you.”

“Send Me an Angel by Christa Maurice is one stunning romance that will have readers instantly coming back for more. Her plot is addictive and enticing.” – Universal Creativity Inc



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