#4 Baby Come Back





If rock star Trent Markov doesn’t get his way, he takes it.

After Jenny Hammerstrom, his favorite groupie, doesn’t show up when the tour rolls into town, Trent finds out he’s a father and he’s going to have to become a better man before she’ll allow him to meet his daughter.

BABY COME BACK is the fourth book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series. If you enjoy wrenching conflict and characters who are struggling to change for the better, then you’ll love this heart warming story.



“Trent.” She stopped at the rear bumper of the Jag.

Trent jumped and spun around. His face lit with a huge smile. “Jenny B- Jenny! What are you doing here?” He stepped toward her holding out his hands. “Honey, I had to hire a private investigator to locate you.”

“A private investigator?” He looked different. Worried. It made her want to wrap her arms and around him and tell him everything would be fine.

Lulu was playing mini-golf with Flo and Theresa, waiting to find out about her interview. Lulu needed a better mother.

Trent stopped inches in front of her with his hands still out, but he dropped them. “You look great.”

“You need to go.”

“Go? Why? I don’t remember what I did to piss you off.” He frowned.

That made her want to kiss away the frown and slap him at the same time. “You don’t remember.”

“Come on, Jenny. I’m an asshole. I’m sorry. Just tell me what I did and I’ll make it up to you.”

Jenny blinked back tears. “It must be so easy for you.”

“Not really.”

“All you have to do is buy me off.” Buy her off. What if he just wanted to give her a settlement? Then she could get a better interview suit. If it was a big enough settlement, she could go back to school for a CPA. Then nobody would turn her down for a job.

“That’s not what I want. I miss you.”

So much for the CPA. He just wanted his toy. That wasn’t the lesson she wanted to teach her daughter. “And what I want doesn’t matter. It never did.”

“Of course it did.”

Jenny smacked her forehead.

Trent jumped backward. “What?”

“You can’t remember what you wanted me to do, but what I want matters? How can that be when you don’t even know?” She walked past him toward the house. “Go away, Trent. You mean nothing to me anymore.” If only that was true.

“And what about our daughter? What do I mean to her?”

Jenny kept walking. “What daughter?” She opened the screen door and stepped into the porch.

“I saw the pictures on your desk.”

Jenny turned hoping the screen would protect her from his presence. Nope. Not in the least. “That’s not your daughter.”

“Then whose is she?” Trent came closer to the porch. Touching distance.

“Gian’s. After I left you I went to him and screwed his brains out. I did Rudy that night, too. Maybe she’s Rudy’s. Or maybe it was that guy I inducted into the Mile High Club on the flight. Doesn’t matter. I didn’t list a father on the birth certificate.”

“Jenny, I know you better than that.” He stepped close enough that she could feel his breath through the screen. “You didn’t fuck Gian or Rudy or any random guy on the flight. You haven’t fucked anybody since the last time you were with me. That kid is mine and you are not going to keep me away from her.”

Jenny tensed her entire body to hold off the hysteria boiling through her. “You have no right to her.”

“You can go along or you can get out of the way.” He walked away from the door casually.

“I won’t let you.”

“You won’t have any other option.” He climbed in the Jag and drove away.

Go along or get out of the way. Jenny’s knees gave out. She crumbled to the concrete floor. He was going to take away Lulu. What lesson would that teach her little girl?




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