I’m back

So, I disappeared for quite a while. During the early days of the pandemic, I was stressed and keeping busy working on my house. Then I was recruited to be a graduate assistant. I’ve spent the last 2 years earning a Master’s degree in English with certificates in TESOL, Writing, and Literature. Working part-time and going to school full-time left me with no time to devote to writing for publication. I did write a metric ton of an alternate version of the Touchstone story where Suzi’s mother hooked up with Marc before abandoning her to be raised by him. (In the original, Suzi’s mom was a flake, but it never entered into the published storylines.) I wanted to know what would have happened if Suzi’s mom had turned left instead of right at a critical moment. Turned out very sad and will never see the light of day. Brian and Suzi couldn’t get past the fact that he helped raise her so they never got together. Still, it kept me entertained between papers on Frankenstein and Turn of the Screw. Now I want to get back to writing. Something is coming. I don’t know what yet, but something.

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