#1 Victim of Love




What happens when wasting time becomes finding forever?

Tara Feingold just wanted to warm up on the Brazilian beach and when she meets Rick Lincoln, bassist for SendDown, things get very hot indeed. Especially when he starts getting serious and the other members of his band decide they need to scare her away with debauchery. When she returns to her normal life, will Rick still love her when he finds out she’s not the wild woman she was in Brazil?

VICTIM OF LOVE is the first book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series. If you enjoy wrenching conflict and characters who are struggling with change, then you’ll love this heart warming story.



He lowered them into the surf, never relinquishing control of her mouth. The waves drenched them both. He slid his hands under her shirt heading for her bra clasp, but she caught him, pulling away just enough to speak.

“I have a speed limit, remember?” she told him.

He caught her mouth again, satisfied with the expanse of skin she allowed and the fact that she was going to make him work for her. A wave washed up to their shoulders. He kissed her neck getting sand on his lips. The salt water gave her an amazing flavor. Utterly exotic. Here where the local girls poured themselves all over him with their spice, this American woman who tasted of salt water was the most exotic flavor he’d tasted in months.

She drew one knee up between his legs, arching. The pressure on his groin was exquisite. Flares exploded behind his eyes. Another wave crested around them. As the water retreated, he followed it to the neckline of her tank top. Shoving it away with his mouth, he kissed the swell of her breast. She writhed, increasing her pressure. “You are about to exceed the speed limit again,” she murmured.

“A novel full of spicy, hot, sizzling moments that will hook readers in forever.” – Diana Urban

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