Weaver’s Circle Set 1




The first three books in the Weaver’s Circle series.

Remembering Beth

Who makes memory?

Beth Wilson has been caring for Nonie Bennetti for years. She can see the end looming, but she doesn’t expect it to arrive in the form of Nonie’s grandson.

James is visiting his grandmother to hide from the publicity of a massive real estate scandal he revealed. While he’s there, his mother decides it’s a good time to audit Beth’s handling of Nonie’s finances. James wants to audit something else about Beth, but his mother is relentless. He’s not hanging around anyway.

But Beth, and the small town his grandmother lives in, have a lot of appeal. Maybe it’s time to stop moving around and start making some memories.

Contents warning: Meddling mothers, medical emergencies and little league games.

Redeeming Johnny

Love can’t flourish in the dark.

Fifteen years ago, Elaine fell in love with Johnny McMannus, the local bad boy. He was nineteen and she was jailbait. To keep them both out of trouble, Johnny left town.

But years later his father’s heart attack brings him back to run the family garage. Hoping to reconnect with Elaine, Johnny has to first fix the mess his parent’s alcoholism has made of things. Before Johnny can deserve Elaine, he has to salvage his family’s reputation, save their home, and rescue the business.

Too bad Elaine doesn’t want to be deserved. She wants to be loved. She never got over Johnny and she’s done sneaking around with him as they had before. If he can’t love her in public, he doesn’t love her enough.

Saving Sue

To be rescued, you have to let someone help you.

Greg has had a crush on tough, resourceful Sue since high school, but getting close to her has proven impossible. She spends so much time dealing with her alcoholic parents that the first chance Greg gets to talk to her is when he’s serving her with foreclosure papers. If he can find a way to keep her from losing her family’s farm, maybe she’ll learn to like him.

But Sue doesn’t believe Greg could care about her. Either he pities her, which is humiliating, or he wants to get into her pants, which is disgusting. If she could just find someone who would love her for who she was and not what she could do for them.