#3 A Gift to be Simple




The plain life was too restrictive, but Mr. Rock and Roll All Night And Party Every Day might be too freeing.

Rachel left the cage of her simple life behind to do wardrobe for the band SendDown. Gian, SendDown’s lead guitarist, wants Rachel now and forever from the minute he meets her. She’s hot, amazing and completely kinky. But can she handle the cage door being open? If not, can he handle letting her go for her own good?

A GIFT TO BE SIMPLE is the third book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series. If you enjoy wrenching conflict and characters who are struggling with change, then you’ll love this heart warming story.



For a second he thought she was going to get up and walk out of the room. She just sat there looking trapped between puzzled and panicked. Breathing too fast, eyes like pinpricks, flush over every inch of skin he could see. He’d never moved his hand from her neck and her skin temperature was higher than normal even.


She leaned in and pressed her lips to his like she’d observed the action but didn’t really know how to do it. Her mouth was tight as a miser’s purse strings. He shifted his fingers into her hair as he slanted his mouth across hers. She shuddered and relaxed, letting him guide the kiss. Vaguely, he felt her fingers brushing his arm. His whole body was seizing and cramping from the effort of not pushing her back and taking what he’d been wanting since the day he walked into storage two months ago.

She pulled back, gasping for breath. Her eyes were now like black dimes. “Yes,” she said.

“Yes?” Hopefully, yes let’s rip our clothes off and go at it like love starved rabbits until at least next Tuesday.

“That was very satisfying.”

“It can get a lot more satisfying.”

“I am sure. You would make certain that it was.”

“Absolutely.” If she didn’t let him have some relief here within the next couple of minutes things would get messy, and she did his laundry.

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