Sandy, manager

Sandy started out as Jason and Brian’s business math teacher in high school, but he could see that if somebody didn’t take care of them, the boys would be eaten alive. The previous year Sandy’s wife a finally succumbed to ovarian cancer after a long battle. He had no interest in trying to date, but needed a project. Jason was in desperate need of a father figure and Jason’s mother was thrilled to see so reliable a man taking interest in her son. Brian and Bear’s parents were just happy to see that the boys had a chaperone.

As the boys got closer to graduation, things really started to take off for them and Sandy decided to retire from teaching to be their manager. He had no clue what he was doing, but he had some expert help thanks to connections Candy made very early.

Sandy has never shaken off the authority he had when the boys were younger. He started out as their teacher and The Adult. Even now that the boys are settling down into middle age, he’s still their father figure, ready to dispense advice whether they want it or not. Because of Sandy’s strong and reliable influence, the boys have not had the problems other band have fallen victim to.


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