What I’m Watching

I can’t seem to get my grubby paws on a copy of the recent documentary about Arnel Pineda, but I do have this extremely difficult to find gem. Filmed by NFL films and documenting the 1983 Frontiers tour, this is priceless to me. At the time Journey boasted the most advanced stage show, pioneering video screens and lighting techniques – and also no glass bottles during concerts. They happened to be filming when an audience member threw a bottle at the stage and beaned Neal Schon during a song. Watching not only Steve Perry flip out on stage, but the production crew watching Steve Perry flip out on stage and worry that he was going to jump into the audience after the culprit was absolutely the highlight of the film for me. I did really love watching the technical side of the roadies and how the stage was packed and unpacked each night. It’s amusing listening to them talk about how huge and complex the job is with 8 semis of equipment. Most recent Paul McCartney documentary I watched, I counted 18 semis. This still formed the backbone of how I thought about touring while writing the Touchstone books.


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