What I’m Watching: Christmas In Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Poster

This is a must see every year. Elizabeth Lane is Martha Stewart before Martha was. She cooks marvelous meals in her farm kitchen with her architect husband and her perfect baby and describes it all beautifully in her newspaper column.  Jefferson Jones was on a warship in the South Pacific that was sunk by the Japanese and he spent I don’t remember how long adrift and starving. When he returns Elizabeth’s publisher (who also thinks she lives on a farm in Connecticut) comes up with the brilliant marketing ploy of inviting the returning hero to Elizabeth’s farm for the holidays. Too bad Elizabeth is an apartment dwelling, carryout ordering single woman living in New York. To keep her job, she hatches a plan with her boyfriend (who actually owns a farm in Connecticut and is an architect) and the restauranteur who has cooked all the lovely meals she described to fool everyone. This screwball holiday comedy is complete with babies borrowed from women working in war factories, a repeatedly interrupted wedding ceremony and a problematic cow.


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