What I’m Watching: Help For The Holidays

Help for the Holidays (2012) Poster

I will be the first to admit that this is a pretty cookie cutter Christmas film. I just did. However, it has a lot of charm in the cast. Christine is an elf who wonders if there isn’t more to life than making toys. Santa sends her south to help out a family in danger of losing their Christmas spirit. The family owns a Christmas store, but the stress of retail is sucking the joy out of the holiday for them. (I worked retail for a long time. Can’t blame them at all.) Christine arrives to interview with Sara VanCamp for the job of nanny to her two children, Ally and Will. Naturally, Christine is a much better mom than Sara has been lately so even as Sara’s brother is falling in love with Christine, Sara is starting to hate her. You can see where this is going, right? Summer Glau plays Christine as a wonderfully clueless fish out of water. Eva LaRue is extremely believable as a mom trying to do it all and failing to her great frustration. John Brotherton plays Sara’s brother Dave and Dan Gauthier plays the father, Scott. It’s a cute, fun movie.


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