Finding Roanoak Origin

Roanoake cover1


I found myself one summer housesitting for a friend and taking care of her dog for 6 weeks while she went to visit family. She owned a beautiful century home a block and a half from the fire station and three blocks from the library and a Chipotle. Also her dog was cute. Some mornings the firefighters would workout by running up and down the road. I would sit in the bedroom window with the dog and watch. It was the closest to heaven for me as is possible.She also had her TV in the finished attic. I had been overseas most of the previous three years so American cable was really entertining. She even had the SyFy channel, though I think at the time it wasn’t called that yet. Regardless, I gorged on cable when I wasn’t watching the firefighters run up and down the road or walking the dog


One day I was browsing the library DVD section. And I should mention here that my hometown has one of the greatest libraries on the planet. They have everything. Ask and you shall receive. During the 4 years I lived in Abu Dhabi, I borrowed ebooks from this library. Anyway, I was browsing through the DVD documentaries and spotted a DVD of historical mysteries including the vanishing Roanoak Colony. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those kinds of things. Atlantis, Lemura, Roanoak, Bigfoot. Obsessed! One of the first movies I ever saw on the big screen was a documentary about Bigfoot because I begged my brother to take me.


Now you have a woman spending most of her time with a dog, alone in a big old house, watching the SyFy channel and thinking about what happened to the Roanoak Colony.


We’re lucky there wasn’t a firefighter in it.


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