Alan’s Parents


Henry and Sophia Kneis come from old money. They are cultured and educated, but that doesn’t mean they know everything. They have no clue how to deal with their drug addict, rock star son. Some of the clues of how Alan ended up the way he is are pretty evident in the way they are raising Alan’s kids. They mean well, but they’re inflexible. Sophia’s insistence that children need routine isn’t bad, but completely inflexible routine isn’t helping anyone, especially the special needs children she’s caring for. Their odd callousness to Alan’s struggles with addiction isn’t because they’re bad people, but because they just don’t know what to do about it.

Alan’s parents were fun to write because I have known a lot of people who, while doing their best, just didn’t get it. I loved writing Angie’s reactions to what’s going on, as a nice person and somebody who does get it.

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