Rachel’s Parents

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She left the plain life because it was too restrictive, but Mr. Rock and Roll All Night And Party Every Day might be too freeing for her.


“What the – what is Rumspringer?”

Rachel squeezed her eyes closed. She shouldn’t have mentioned it. If she wanted to be English, she needed to stop thinking plain. “It’s just a tradition. To get off the farm for a year so they can appreciate it better.”

“That makes sense. So you grew up on a farm?”


“Maybe if the tour goes by there we can visit your folks.”

That would go over famously. Gian, these are my parents, John and Mary Fisher. Mom and Papa, this is Gian, he’s a rock star. I think I might love him. “The tour isn’t going anywhere near my family’s home.”


When my mother started teaching in the mid-70’s she had a lot of students who were Amish. Ruth Ann Fisher was one of her favorites and she still keeps in touch with her. We visited their house on several occasions when I was young and Ruth Ann’s parents’ names were John and Mary.


Buy at: Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo Books


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