Alan’s stint in rehab

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She left the plain life because it was too restrictive, but Mr. Rock and Roll All Night And Party Every Day might be too freeing for her.


When he opened the door to let her step in first, Trent was already standing on the far side of the table in full pissed off mode and their waitress clutched a place setting like she wanted to flee.

“So you’re fucking the help again,” Trent bellowed.

“Will you back off?” Gian asked. Did Trent have to say again? It was one time and the chick had been unstable, way fun but unstable. Rachel had frozen to the floor just inside the dining room and he couldn’t propel her forward without picking her up.

“You are fucking with the flow of the tour.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna miss dates and shit. There will be lawsuits and darkness will cover the land.” Alan rolled his eyes. Then he gestured to the waitress. “Miss, can you just put that here?”

“You shut up. You don’t have any room to talk about missing dates.” Trent stabbed his finger at Alan.

“You didn’t miss a single date when I went into rehab. Bear took over for me. Miss, can I have this eye opener combo with bacon and an extra side of sausage? I’m starved this morning.”


Alan went into rehab for the last time in the middle of Waiting For a Girl Like You. His daughter Sarah had just been abandoned at the hospital by her junkie mother and Alan realized he needed to straighten up immediately. SendDown was in the middle of a tour and the band would need a replacement drummer. Marc happened to be in the office discussing his love life with his chorus of women when Sandy, Touchstone and SendDown’s manager, came in to ask Bear’s wife where Bear was so he could fill in. Hence, the band didn’t miss any dates.
Buy at: Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo Books


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