Complicated Timeline

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When I started writing Let Me Be the One, I had a bug in my ear to do something really complicated with the timeline and the story to do it with. At the start of the story, which is not the start of the book, Brian is still married to Bonnie, albeit unhappily, and Suzi and Logan have just moved in together. At the beginning of the book, which is really the middle of the story, Suzi has just very publically left Logan because she catches him with a groupie at a party and Brian is already divorced and touring in Japan where he can’t throw himself on her broken heart and he’s worried that he won’t get to her before Logan has a chance to win her back. I needed to have both relationships come apart, but it obviously couldn’t happen all at once. Hence the jumping back and forth through time.


In addition to that, I wanted to keep it up in the air as to whether Suzi would return to Logan or go to Brian while making it obvious in the end that she couldn’t have done anything else. According to those who have read the story in advance, I succeeded. As I posted chapters to my critique partner, she kept switching sides. I even chose the title to be noncommittal.


What do you think? Did I succeed?
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