Baby Come Back is Here!


Finally! After watching Trent act like a jerk for three books he got his. This was one of my favorite books to write. I hated Trent so much for what he did to Rick and Tara, and then to Alan and Angie. I mean, he had very good reasons. The other guys in the band are not especially business minded. Well, Alan is, but he spent the band’s early career seriously altered. Regardless, Trent felt that the weight of the band’s success rested on his shoulders so he became a control freak. And a raging egomaniac. It’s so very satisfying to bring an egomaniac low.

Jenny wasn’t the woman to do it until she had her daughter. Lulu changed everything for her. She could allow Trent to be cruel to her, but she couldn’t allow her daughter to see men being cruel to her mother. That was not a lessons she wanted her daughter to learn. It’s hard for her. I’m not sure what happened to Jenny in her past that made her believe she wasn’t worth love, but it hurts me that she does. (Yes, I have a small problem differentiating fantasy and reality.)

I loved writing this story. Seeing Jenny come into her own and knocking Trent down a few pegs. Lulu was a blast to write. I based her on several small children I have known who were so amazingly poised and calm for their age. I think readers will enjoy the story, especially if they’ve read any (or all) of the other books in the series to see what a jerk Trent is.


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