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I may have a small addiction to Jason Momoa. I started watching him because of Stargate Atlantis and proceeded to hunt down everything he’s ever been in. Well, almost. Baywatch Hawaii I couldn’t take, but I did watch North Shore (the series, not the movie. Jason isn’t in the movie.) Anyway, because of this obsession, I binge through Stargate, starting with SG-1 and carrying through the end of Atlantis about once every 18 months. And since I have seen the shows so many times, I have started watching the actors in the background. In one such scene, early in Jason’s tenure, he was in the background of a shot, staring into space. Pretty sure “Turkey In the Straw” was playing in his head because the conference table was doing more acting than he was. In a much later episode, Jewel Staite has a scene with David Hewlett. Jewel has only a few lines and most of her acting comes through the way she’s shifting her eyes. You read that right, shifting her eyes. She’s so good that I knew what she—or rather Dr. Keller—was thinking and all Jewel Staite was doing was moving her eyes. A lot of that particular binge session was taken up with watching Jewel Staite practice her craft. Which led me to wonder, what happens when a really good actor ends up opposite a really bad actor?

And what if that really good actor needs the really bad actor to save her part?

Thus began the three-week marathon in which I wrote Try a Little Tenderness.

Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo


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