Candy’s backstory and Tessa’s interference

“Are you sure you’re good with this? Because if you guys break up you will still have to work in the same office,” Candy said.

“Breaking up with a guy you work with, or work for, is messy. Trust Candy. She did it.” Tessa smirked.

“Shut up,” Candy grumbled, turning bright red.

“It was the middle of the night, if I remember. Brian had to give you a shirt because you were topless. Or were you completely naked at the time?”

“Enough.” Candy took the contract from Sarina.

“I’m still getting over the fact that you and Tyler finally got back together.” Tessa sighed. “It’s been fifteen years? I’m telling you, the two of them had the kind of love affair movies are made of. It’s epic.”

All this stuff happened in Keep Coming Back To Love. Candy and Ty were a second (third, fourth) chance romance that finally worked out and Tessa, who has been there for the whole thing, can’t resist needling Candy about it. For most of this book, Candy has been the strong woman and adult mentor to Sarina so it’s nice to see her more human side. Especially since poor Mick is going to walk into this office and find three strong women and a contract he’s afraid to sign. A little bit of lightness before the dark.


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