The Struggle Is Real


“Some of the shows she’s green lit to pilot or outright purchased, I am not so sure about. Especially after this monstrosity this morning. But she’s carried three projects into my office so far and all of them have been brilliant. One about a grief support group that had a definite Friends vibe, but the three scripts I read had real therapy applications in them. Never heard of the writers, but the work is so strong. The second one was an hour-long buddy cop dramedy set in a sketchy part of town. There’s a lot of lowlife characters, but they’re all very real and they’re trying to be happy. The writers tell me they want to have one big redemption arc every season. The title is fantastic.”

“What’s the title?”

The Struggle Is Real. Isn’t that perfect?”


Here’s the problem with making up television shows for books. I want to see them. I really want to see this show. Like many places, mine has a program that helps police officers buy houses in the city. I had this image of a cop buying a house in a terrible part of town and moving in, dealing with his job and his neighbors (and the intersection of those aspects of his life.) Sadly, it doesn’t exist and I don’t have time to write it. So if somebody has some time on their hands and wouldn’t mind doing the heavy lifting, I have ideas. Lots of ideas.

The grief support group with the Friends vibe exists, but it only lasted one season and I’m still burned about that. Go On is a fantastic show that should have run for years, but got cancelled. At least it exists, so there’s that.


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