Riding Boots




“Are those the shoes you’re wearing?” he asked as they got to the rental.

Flora looked at the UGG Australia boots Amanda had gotten for this trip. They were lined and laced up the front and reached right to where her jeans fell. The look was perfect. “Yes.”

Wally shook his head. “You need a heel.”

“A heel?”

“So your foot doesn’t slide through the stirrup. Come on.” He went to the huge garage and opened the person-sized door on the left. The inside was huge and empty enough to shoot an indie movie in though there was a big piece of equipment on the last bay. It even had a second floor. Wally climbed the stairs.

“Where are you going?”

“There’s some old boots up here.” Wally stepped off the top step and the rafters creaked.

Years ago, I took riding lessons. I went to my first lesson (which I had worn sneakers to) my instructor told me I needed boots. She took me out to her car and opened the trunk. In her trunk, were approximately thirty pairs of boots. She found a pair in my size and sold them to me for $15. I still have those boots.


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