Learn a language

I started doing Duolingo. It’s good to challenge yourself. I picked French because I took it in school and I wanted something I would be successful at. If your child is taking a language in school, you can use Duolingo to keep them sharp over the summer. Or just to help them learn a language.

Another thing you can do to aid in second language acquisition (because I teach English as a foreign language too) is to watch TV shows and movies in the target language. That way you can learn how native speakers sound so that you can sound more natural. And it doesn’t feel like working since you’re watching TV.

Learn Algebra the fun way

The same friend who told me about The Grading Game told me about this. At the time she was teaching her 7-year-old algebra with it. Now, her kid is smart, but whoa. So I checked it out for myself. Math and I are not friends. When I need supplies at Home Depot I ask the clerks to check my numbers for me. If I didn’t I would have bought 10x more backsplash material than I needed to. No lie. But this game made algebra doable even for me. I actually understood. Since that time they’ve released a whole bunch of games at several different levels and I highly recommend them. Your kids won’t even know they’re learning.

What to do with your middle and high schooler this summer

I teach a lot of writing and I’ve started teaching exam prep. One of the big things on the ACT is spotting grammar errors. A friend clued me in to an fun game she’s been playing that does exactly that. In the game you are a grad student buried in debt who takes a job with an evil professor whose goal in life is to fail every student. Your job is to make sure every paper is an F. The game gives grammar tips and is timed which is useful training for standardized tests. I plan to buy the full game eventually, but you can get a lot out of the free version if you want to test it out before you sink $5 in it.

What to do with the kids this summer

The kids are out and they’re bored! (And probably eating you out of house and home.) I can’t solve the eating problem, but keeping them busy? I’ve been a teacher for a while and education works better when the kids enjoy it. So over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share some resources I use that will keep your kids occupied and sharp over the summer.

The first one is This site is amazing. Lots of printables, activities, and online games organized by grade level and skill. Want your child to practice sight words? There’s printables and games for that. Want your 5th grader to practice math? There’s stuff for that too. The site caters to students from pre-k to fifth grade. Check it out. It’s worth it.

For your Littles

I’ll be up front on this one. I was involved in this very early. At the time I happened to be teaching pre-k. I tended to get to school really early so my room was ready before the kids got there leaving my time to hang out with them before assembly. It didn’t take long before the kids were clamoring for this app. They would sit with me and play nicely for hours if I’d let them (okay, that might have been my presence.) The next year Agnitus introduced reports, but I wasn’t teaching pre-k that year. The graphics are beautiful and the kids enjoy it. Your kiddo will be ready for pre-k or kindergarten or first grade in no time.

The Rock And Roll State Of Mind Boxed Set is Here!

SendDown is one of the biggest bands in the world, but the four men are broken.

Tired of bickering, Rick wanders away from recording looking for a good time only to find Tara who just wanted to warm up on the beach, but Rick offered something so much hotter.

Angie needed a job, which was the only reason she agreed to pretend to be Alan’s girlfriend to keep him on the wagon for the tour so he can get his kids back. All was going according to plan until she fell in love.

Gian could not believe when the new wardrobe woman didn’t want anything to do with him. He kept after her until he got what he wanted. But by that time he wanted forever.

Jenny loved Trent, but he was a controlling—jerk. Now that she has a daughter, she needs to be stronger for her child. Trent is going to have to learn to be Mr. Nice Guy if he wants Jenny and his daughter in his life. And everybody is betting against him.


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