What I’m Reading: We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

This was outstanding!


I am not a fan of Gabrielle Union. In fact, when I started listening to it I was pretty sure I had never seen anything she’d been in. Turns out she was on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine AND Flash Forward. (Sci fi FTW!) So I was not attracted to this because I’m a huge fan of hers, but I am interested in life as an actress in Hollywood since I’ve written a couple of books about people in Hollywood.

So Much More.

Union organized her book by topic which is an interesting choice for a biography. It did make it a little chaotic to figure out when some things were happening and which things were happening at the same time. However, they fact that it’s organized by topic means she gives you a beginning to end view of that topic.

And she hits some excellent topics. Growing up black in an almost entirely white neighborhood. Her rape. Raising black children. Dealing with the press and rumors.

Also, bonus if you listen to the audio version, she reads it and she is stellar. You’d think that would be obvious, but I’ve listened to actor autobios read by the author and it isn’t always.

I’m going to have to listen to it again.



What I’m Watching: Braven

BravenHow could I not watch this? It’s a Jason Momoa movie. He produced it. It’s got flaws. Rather large ones. Like jumping off a cliff with your ankle in a bear trap while wrestling with another person and not getting your leg torn off or leaving a bad guy alive and armed after he’s tried to kill you.

However, the wife is awesome. Played by Jill Wagner (who was also on Stargate Atlantis) she is established as an excellent bowhunter. She then proceeds to show up at a gun fight with a bow AND WIN. I cannot turn down a movie where the female lead actually gets to, you know, lead. She is as tough as her husband who is played by Jason Momoa. That, to me, is wonderful.

If you have Prime (or if your library has a copy as mine does) it’s fun.


Send Me an Angel Is Free and Weaver’s Circle Boxed Set 2 is out!

In the second book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series, Alan is trying to stay on the wagon, but his fantasy lifestyle as a rock’n’roll drummer is in direct opposition with his crippling stagefright. Trent thinks he can keep Alan sober by hiring him a girlfriend. Angela is an actress and she’s dealt with addicts before. She usually gets kicked to the curb as soon as the guy gets comfortable in his sobriety.

But she really likes Alan. And she loves his kids.

Maybe this time…

Send Me An Angel is free on Amazon for a very short time.

Click here to grab your copy!




Protecting Lucy

Rescuing Jack

Celebrating Flora

Three more stories of Weaver’s Circle in one set.

Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iBooks : Kobo

What I’m Reading: Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

This book is hysterical. Laugh out loud, super-duper funny. I stumbled across it courtesy of a Bored Panda article and immediately went in search. I happened to be having lunch with a friend that day and told her about it. She went in search immediately too. This is an adult book. Not for children. I can’t stress this enough. There’s is lots of sexy and drugs. There’s even some disco. I have been recommending this all over the place and now I’m recommending it to you.


This is the best purchase I’ve made all year

The very best thing I have bought myself recently is a heated mattress pad. You might think it was the entire 10 seasons of X-Files, but no, a mattress pad. I hate getting into a cold bed, especially when my feet are cold which is most of the winter. I had planned to hold off until January, but man, October chill set in and I couldn’t wait. Thank goodness, because that polar vortex we had last week was more than I wanted to deal with.


Naturally, I did some research, trying to find that perfect balance between price and reliability before I ordered the Sunbeam version. It’s only about $70, but it gives me great joy. When I get home from work at about 8:30, I turn it on to level 5 and let it heat while I take care of some stuff. By the time I crawl in between 9 and 9:30 to read, it’s toasty warm. I actually have to turn it down when I get into bed. 1 is plenty warm for sleeping. And I suspect that the cooling action lulls me into a deeper sleep. It also turns off after 10 hours so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off in the morning. It’s certainly increasing my reading time and that’s never a bad thing. It does claim to be a pad, which it is not in the sense of squishiness. The wires are obnoxious so if you don’t have an extra quilt hanging around to pad it with, is suggest getting one of those too. Also make sure the plug is at the bottom of the bed. It’s pronounced and that’s not the kind of hard thing I want in my bed.