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She left the plain life because it was too restrictive, but Mr. Rock and Roll All Night And Party Every Day might be too freeing for her.


Cyn first appeared in Satellite Of Love, backstage at a SendDown concert where she proceeded to freak out Maureen during her first taste of rock star life by talking about how she hoped to “get” Bear again on Touchstone’s next tour because then she’d be three in a row. Classy, classy chick.


She didn’t appear again until Send Me an Angel where she smuggled an eightball backstage setting off Alan’s flip out. She isn’t names there, but trust me, it’s here. By that time she had really spiraled downward.


In A Gift To Be Simple and Baby Come Back, when overlapped timewise, she was in very bad shape when she met Rachel’s brother Aaron who pulled her up even as she dragged him down. As a recurring character, I felt the need to save her in the end of her story (which comes at the end of this book despite the fact that she appears in the last book in the series. It’s complicated. Roll with it.)
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