Alan and Angie

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She pointed across the yard to where her husband Alan was tossing his daughter into the air. “His press now shows him to be a happy family man, which he is, but eight years ago he wrapped his Porsche around a utility pole during a car chase and he was so high at the time it took four officers to take him down. Nobody talks about it anymore.”

“I don’t remember that,” Ryan said.

“It was all over the news,” Gale said. “I remember.”

“Do you remember Logan Callahan and Suzette Bazian’s sex video?” Angie asked. “Because Suzi is married to Brian Ellis and Logan is around here someplace because Touchstone management handles them now, too.”


Alan and Angie’s story is in Send Me an Angel. Suzi and Brian’s (and Logan’s) story is in Let Me Be the One. One of the lovely things about writing a series is getting to revisit old friends and see how they’re doing after I put them through so much torment in their books.

Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo


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