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The Origin Of the Title

“Satellite of Love” is the title of a song by Lou Reed. I had wanted Bear to be a hobby mechanic who collected muscle cars and I wanted him to be working on one. I thought about having him collect Mustangs or something more common, but it seemed to me that Bear would want something a little more challenging and unusual so the Plymouth Satellite was recommended to me as a not too common muscle car. So I researched it and settled on the 1972 model because I felt it had the coolest front end. What do you know, the song was released in 1972. Kismet!

I happen to also be a huge fan of the show Adam 12. Turns out that during the third season the patrol car was a 1971 Plymouth Satellite. So close.

That arrangement of words as they related to the story also had a certain snotty humor that I so enjoy. With all that going for it what could I do, but name the book “Satellite Of Love”?