How it happened


So, in the middle of writing 6 books about one band one would not think that one would want to break away and write 4 more about another band. One would, but not me. SendDown appeared in the first Drawn To the Rhythm book Satellite Of Love. At the time they were walk ons who I never expected to see again. Silly me. While I was working in Korea I happened to take 3 separate vacations to the Philippines, which I loved, but whose major export is sex. Prostitutes everywhere. Even worse, all women so I wasn’t really interested. I was less interested when, laying on the beach one day drying off after a lovely swim in Subic Bay a gentleman obviously of European descent (as in, not local) walked up to me, gave me a surprised once over and muttered an apology before vamoosing. The idea of being mistaken for a prostitute didn’t resurface until I was working in chilly Chile where I had no internet and lots of writing time on my hands so I penned this story. It ran a bit hotter than my normal fare, but it worked for the story and enlightened me to the various other members of the band which in due time led to the other three books in the series.

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