Roanoak Colonist’s names

I wanted to use real names of the colonists so I did a little research.


I chose Emme Merrimoth as my heroine because I liked the name.


Ananais Dare’s name doesn’t appear on this list, but he is listed elsewhere are Eleanor Dare’s husband and Virginia Dare’s father.


Margery, who is heavily pregnant and breaks her leg in the opening scene, is on the list as well as a child with an unknown first name. If the child was born after John White left for England, he wouldn’t have known its name.


Roger Bailie ended up being overrun by Ananais after John White left. So often people who are excellent at being second in command suck at being commander.


For the fae, I used very Irish names. According to legend, the Fae went “West” after their defeat by the Men. I was working literally. My Fae needed to be connected to the world of Men to maintain their power, but spent most of their time in the Summer Country where the sun always shines and living is easy. And they are safe from Men and their iron weapons. A very important bonus.


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