Emme’s Predicament

Roanoake cover1

Emme held her breath waiting to see what he would do next. They were alone in the forest and he was not trying to force himself on her, merely to seduce. No one would ever have to know. His gentle touch made her wish she could press her hands on his chest to test the firmness of his muscles, to clasp his shoulders. He still held one of her hands with warm and steady pressure. One of his fingers rested on her lips. What would happen if she licked her lips with his finger there, brushing her tongue against his flesh? Would he accept the invitation?

A bird screamed overhead.

Emme jumped back. What was she thinking? She’d had so little sleep last night, her mind wasn’t working. She didn’t need to give Ananias more reason to dislike her and so far she’d gone half a day without doing any chores. He would be furious if he found out there was another European man in the forest. More furious if he learned that she knew before he did. “I should go back.”



Emme was married, but her husband died leaving her in a very precarious position. She is a woman, making her a second-class citizen at the time. But she’s a midwife giving her a skill and more power than the average woman would have. That’s what threatens Ananais. She’s a woman who can say no to him and mean it.


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