What I’m Watching: Celebrity Rehab


Send Me an Angel was heavily influenced by this show, particularly season 2. I always had a fondness for Steven Adler, but at the outset I thought my hatred of Tawny Kittaen ould ruin it for me. I can’t really put my finger on when I started hating her, but it was well before she was in the news for beating her husband. In fact, not long before that she was on the cover of Cleveland Magazine with the husband she was beating, photographed as a happy couple and she had lipstick on her teeth. I took great joy in that. Especially after I found out from the photographer what a nightmare she was to work with. I happened to be working for a rival magazine, so I knew the photographer and got the inside scoop.

What amazed me while watching the show was that while I continued to hate Tawny, I didn’t dislike Julie (Tawny Kittaen’s real first name.) By the end of the series, I felt bad for Julie.

I still don’t like Tawny.

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