Alan’s Sponsor


Marty started out as Randolph Mantooth if he had gone down a very dark path while simultaneously being much more successful. Alan needed a sponsor and it seemed logical that his sponsor would also be in show business. Plus, anytime I can model a character on Randolph Mantooth, I’m happy. Because I also bear a life long crush on Marty Milner, who starred on another Mark V show, Adam 12, I stuck him with the name Marty. He really wasn’t supposed to be that big a character, but I needed something to go right for poor Angie late in the story and since I had this television producer roaming around I roped him, putting Angie on his radar for a part in the sci fi show he’s shooting in Vancouver.


By now it’s pretty obvious I watch too much television. Marty’s show that he’s developing and starting to shoot by the end of the story is based heavily on Stargate SG-1. I really loved the character of Dr. Frazier on SG-1 and still cry every time I watch the episode where she dies. (Is that a spoiler? Sorry.) I liked it so much that I’ve hunted down other movies and shows that the actress, Teryl Rothery, has been in. My favorite has to be the Hallmark Christmas movie Battle of the Bulbs. She was also good in the Sy Fy Channel series Eureka in the one episode she appeared in.


So thanks to Alan needing a sponsor I got to write Randolph Mantooth, with a nod to Marty Milner, helping out my heroine by giving her Teryl Rothery’s recurring part in a show very much, but not exactly like Stargate SG-1.

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