Surface Tension Origin Story

A long time ago in a city not so far away from where I am now, I was a huge X-Files fan. Huge. I remember working at the lamented Borders, assembling newspapers on Saturday mornings with my friend who was also a huge fan and discussing the previous night’s episode. For some reason I really liked the character Max Fenig. He was in three episodes and I was charmed.

“The X-Files: Max (#4.18)” (1997)

Max Fenig: All I wanted in life was to be left alone; don’t we all. So just my luck that I’d eventually become an alien abductee. Now I’m never alone. Any minute, when I’m least expecting it ”

In the end, the only thing that remained of Max was the name. When he developed in my story, he became a little more stable and capable, and hunkier. Somebody a girl like Rachel could fall for.

Ranley, as the ever suffering, most capable member of her team, is merely having the worst mission of her life.


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