Why Brian is my favorite member of Touchstone

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Why Brian is my favorite member of Touchstone.

Brian Ellis is the second member of Touchstone that I “met.” He’s Jason’s best friend and foil and has been most of his life. I’m not sure who Brian would be without Jason. He’s very sweet natured and easy going with a pronounced savior complex. Brian never likes to see anyone hurt and he will set aside his own happiness for someone else. Which is what got him married to Bonnie. He always claimed to want to sow wild oats as long as possible, but a large part of Brian really wanted home and family. He loves his kids despite Bonnie’s best efforts.

Brian is a Cancer cusp Leo. He’s got all the grandstanding and loyalty of a Leo with large dose of homebody Cancer mixed in. He likes to keep everything steady on. As for real rockstar lineage, Brian descends sort of at an angle from Ringo Starr, but to his great musical misfortune, he’s mostly me. Yes, Brian is placating, world-traveling, homebody, can’t carry a tune in a bucket me. Poor guy, good thing he doesn’t actually have to sing.
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