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Alan and Angie

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She pointed across the yard to where her husband Alan was tossing his daughter into the air. “His press now shows him to be a happy family man, which he is, but eight years ago he wrapped his Porsche around a utility pole during a car chase and he was so high at the time it took four officers to take him down. Nobody talks about it anymore.”

“I don’t remember that,” Ryan said.

“It was all over the news,” Gale said. “I remember.”

“Do you remember Logan Callahan and Suzette Bazian’s sex video?” Angie asked. “Because Suzi is married to Brian Ellis and Logan is around here someplace because Touchstone management handles them now, too.”


Alan and Angie’s story is in Send Me an Angel. Suzi and Brian’s (and Logan’s) story is in Let Me Be the One. One of the lovely things about writing a series is getting to revisit old friends and see how they’re doing after I put them through so much torment in their books.

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The Goo Goo Dolls Coincidence

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Logan being from Rochester, New York has absolutely nothing to do with the Goo Goo Dolls and Logan moving Suzi back there in the middle of the story is totally coincidental.


Here’s what happened.

I have a very good friend who grew up in Rochester so I had a great line on exactly what the city was like without having to do a lot of legwork. My friend is perfectly acclimated to getting emails from me about the weather in Rochester in July, the powers of first responders in an alternate present where serious viruses are rampant and how one would name batches of human clones. In previous conversations, my friend and I had also concluded that the city I lived in at the time I was writing the book and Rochester had a lot of similarities in architecture, population and development arc thanks to the Erie Canal so I was living in a perfect research situation. I finished my book and moved on to the next one.

In the course of researching that one, took a liking to the song “Slide.” Because I am the person I am and because I was working on books about rock stars, I started researching the Goo Goo Dolls. The arc of John Rzeznik’s life interested me.

And then it hit me that not only had a sort of mirrored his life in Let Me Be The One, but also in Heaven Beside You (in Jason’s backstory, but at that time the book was already out under another title so you know I couldn’t have just lifted it.)

So now I’m wondering. Why do I sweat blood trying to make up stuff up when I could just write what really happened and change the names?

Nah, that wouldn’t be as much fun.

Maybe someday I’ll tell you the story of how I made up Firefly two years before it aired.

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Halliburton Luggage

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I ran across Halliburton luggage in Lorelei Shellist’s excellent book, Runway Runaway. For a time, possibly up until now, Halliburton was the very top of the line rockstar luggage. Damn near indestructible and super light, what more could your roadworn rockstar ask for? Well, I assumed Brett (who loaned one of his cases to Suzi during her flight from Logan) would ask for stickers. Lots of stickers. A man has to make his mark on his stuff, doesn’t he? How else is he going to spot his among all the other nearly identical cases on the road?

Back when I lived in the land of labels, I saw a Halliburton case circling a luggage carousel. The elegant design really does stand out in the sea of battered suitcases, always looking like something straight off the sales floor. On a shopping trip I priced one case, once. I figured I was earning pretty good money and I travel quite a bit. Not rockstar level, but a lot. Then I looked at the price, got over myself and got a set that was a little more in my range.

But a girl can dream, right?
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Let Me Be the One is here!

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LMBTOcover copy

A little matchmaking mischief…

She’s the girl of his dreams, but she belongs to another man. Still, that doesn’t stop rock star Brian Ellis from standing by Suzi’s side when she needs him most. Or offering her a strong shoulder to lean on when her relationship crashes and burns. But will Brian get burned by the beautiful writer when Suzi goes back to the man she believes she loves?

Suzi has always had a crush on Brian, which doesn’t mean she’s ready to risk everything for the sake of a fling. Yet the more time she spends with him, helping the sexy single dad with his kids, she knows there’s more between them than simmering sensual tension. An invitation to join him in the sweet mountain town of Potterville, West Virginia, may be too tempting to resist. But how can Suzi give her heart when she’s already promised herself to another?


Brian stared at a seam in the stage. After the show tonight, they went home. With the sixteen-hour time difference, they’d be landing about four hours before they took off. Add in time to recover from jet lag, and it was going to be at least two days before he could seriously start searching for her. The kids. He got the kids when he went home, too. Bonnie would dump them with him at the airport if she could. Of course, the kids liked Suzi, so they’d be all for helping him search.

“He said some groupie stuck his fingers in her mouth and that’s when Suzi walked up and saw it and it was just bad timing and there was nothing to it and he’s sorry and do I know where she is because he’s sure she’ll contact one of us because she doesn’t have any ID or her phone or anything on her,” Bear said.

“In one breath?” Jason asked. “Poor guy.”

“Yeah, I hate it when strange girls stick my fingers in their mouths.” Brian rolled his eyes. “And that shit just happens to him all the time.”

Bear and Jason both stared at him as if he’d slipped a gear. “How many times has Logan been caught in a tight spot like that?” Brian demanded.

Jason shrugged. “It happens.”

“You know who she caught him with, don’t you? Gillian Blue Sky.”

“Gillian?” Bear dropped his drumstick. “You’re kidding. Who told you that?”

“Yes Brian, who told you that?” Jason narrowed his eyes at Brian.

“I got an email from Duke.” Of the thirty or so he’d sent out. Some of the people he’d tried hadn’t been at the party. Hell, SendDown was touring Europe. They hadn’t even heard and asked him for information.

“And?” Bear scooped up his stick. “Don’t hold out.”

“He just said Suzi wasn’t feeling good and went hunting for Logan and found him with Gillian. I’m a little disappointed in his taste. Gillian’s a skanky whore, and he had Suzi at home.” Had being the operative word.

“True, but Bear would know more about that than I would.” Jason smirked at Bear.

Bear pointed his drumstick at Jason. “That was a long time ago, and she wasn’t as skanky then. I am a happily married man now, and I don’t need those kind of petty distractions.”

“Are we done here?” Brian scowled. Standing around yammering wasn’t the best use of his time. He needed to get back online and check his email. There might have been new developments, or Suzi might have returned one of the half dozen emails he’d sent since the day before yesterday.

“I’m not surprised she ran out without ID or anything.” Jason started strumming randomly. “She’s known for that.”

“Yeah, but she ran with Brett Cherney. If you want to talk about questionable taste.” Bear made a wobbly hand gesture.

Brian walked away. If they weren’t done with sound check, they could come find him. He had better things to do than stand around rehashing Suzi and Logan’s break-up. None of his friends were thinking about Suzi with Brett Cherney, who was twenty-four, at the beginning of what appeared to be a long-running career, and carried a reputation for being wild. Brian didn’t want to think about that.

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Video Friday

One thing I really admire about the Irish, it’s their ability to be amused by their own misfortune. Why the SGU video? Well, this is where I first encountered the show and I’m not about to allow an opportunity to put out some gratuitous Stargate out there.

Why Brian is my favorite member of Touchstone

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Why Brian is my favorite member of Touchstone.

Brian Ellis is the second member of Touchstone that I “met.” He’s Jason’s best friend and foil and has been most of his life. I’m not sure who Brian would be without Jason. He’s very sweet natured and easy going with a pronounced savior complex. Brian never likes to see anyone hurt and he will set aside his own happiness for someone else. Which is what got him married to Bonnie. He always claimed to want to sow wild oats as long as possible, but a large part of Brian really wanted home and family. He loves his kids despite Bonnie’s best efforts.

Brian is a Cancer cusp Leo. He’s got all the grandstanding and loyalty of a Leo with large dose of homebody Cancer mixed in. He likes to keep everything steady on. As for real rockstar lineage, Brian descends sort of at an angle from Ringo Starr, but to his great musical misfortune, he’s mostly me. Yes, Brian is placating, world-traveling, homebody, can’t carry a tune in a bucket me. Poor guy, good thing he doesn’t actually have to sing.
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