New Year’s goals


Now is the time when I start thinking about next year. I have to do some planning and that’s something I’m very good at. Execution, not so much. So here are some goals for next year. I’m not calling them resolutions, because I’m more goal oriented then resolution oriented.

1. I will have something going on every month for my writing, promotion-wise. To that end, I have a lovely calendar set up for the months and a weekly calendar so that I can break down big goals into smaller actions.
2. I will focus more on one project instead of being so scattered. Last year I successfully added hundreds of thousands of words to a dozen or more half finished projects. If I had stuck to one or two, I would have probably a completed series at this point. So right now I am working on the serial with a friend and I am responsible for the first arc. I am going to continue until I finish my arc and can send it to her. Then I can move onto another project.
3. I will read it with more focus. (Focus is about to turn into a theme.) Looking through my list of Goodreads titles, I have been reading whatever shiny title the library app suggested to me, plus a few things that I have been dying to get my hands on, like Simone St. James first book which I could only get in print and had to request, and things I had to read for class. This is resulted in a large number of dystopian young adult novel series, which, while entertaining, are not really what I write. My reading choices need to return to more adult romances instead of the potato chip-like young adult dystopian. While entertaining those are really not helping me with my craft.

Three is a good number to stop that. More, and I will feel overwhelmed. Fewer, and I will feel like a slacker or like I am forgetting something. What are your goals for the next year? Anything exciting?


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