Feel Good Playlist


Recently I went through a particularly stressful period and when I say it was stressful, it was a humdinger. I decided what I really needed (and isn’t it what everyone needs once in a while) was a playlist. So I combed through my enormous iTunes catalogue and put one together. It’s been carefully orchestrated to start soothing and build to an up ending that would hopefully get me off the couch and doing something about the source of my stress. The few times I’ve used it, it’s worked a charm. It runs about an hour, which seems to be the perfect amount of time for me to go from wallowing to motion.


  1. Bad Day – Daniel Powter
  2. Earthquakes – Moxy Fruvous
  3. India – Paul McCartney
  4. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  5. Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
  6. Wild World – Mr. Big
  7. I’m Beautiful – Bette Middler
  8. What I Am – Edie Brickel & the New Bohemians
  9. You’re So Beautiful – Def Leppard
  10. Everything Works If You Let It – Cheap Trick
  11. What Comes Around Goes Around – Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop
  12. Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
  13. I’ve Got To Get a Message To You – Moxy Fruvous
  14. Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters
  15. I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Playlist

  1. I’m showing my age here. I only recognize four songs recorded by the people posted. Some of the songs I’ve heard of, but by the original artists. My feel good, get me out of a hole music is Phil Collins’ Gensis album … Invisible Touch. Get’s me up off the couch and moving, even if I don’t want to. Your list is interesting and I just may have to go looking for some of these tunes by the people you list.

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