Welcome To the Neighborhood!

272 Alhambra Way, Akron, OH 44302

After three years idle hunting and one active searching, I bought a house. The morning after my first night there I got up this morning and pottered around. Went to the bank. Came home and went to the bathroom. The house next door is split into 2 apartments and my bathroom window looks directly into the neighbor’s living room. I had put some bubble wrap over the window as a privacy screen, but when one is standing right in front of the toilet there is clear sight line into the neighbor’s living room. Other than the fact that this neighbor liked to flick cigarette butts into my driveway, this was not a big deal. That morning, I got to the window and just as I was turning to sit, I saw motion. My neighbor was having a little me time with a video and a bottle of lotion. Okay, I’m a grown up. I carried on with my business. The window was closed so he didn’t even have to know I saw anything. Except just as I turned to flush, he turned toward me and our eyes locked across the driveway. It was probably a half second, but it felt like we were staring at one another for five minutes before I went to wash my hands.

This is really only made worse by the fact that he’s the type of guy who populates romancelandia. Early twenties, ice blue eyes, dark hair, great build. Pretty sure he’s the one who drives the nice cars too.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


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