Personal Soundtracks

DSC02685 Me, in Venice

Everybody’s life has a sound track. (Doesn’t it? Tell me it’s not just me.)

I have this amazing ability to get lost. Seriously, wildly, awkwardly lost. When I went to Venice, I didn’t stay in Venice (my first mistake) I stayed in a town called Mestre, just a short bus ride from Venice.

Should you ever plan to go to Venice, I suggest three things. One, stay in Venice. Two, condition for the trip because you will be doing a lot of walking and a lot of stairs. Three, waterproof shoes.

On the first day I got on the bus no problem and when I arrived in Venice I noted the bus number and parking spot and then went off to enjoy Venice. I walked and walked and walked in inadequate shoes. At one point I was headed down a sidewalk and either didn’t notice the water or didn’t think it was a big deal. It was the tide. I ended up wet to the knees in my inadequate shoes. Did I mention it was March? Cold, wet, inadequate shoes.

At the end of the day I went to catch my bus. Which bus was it? Bus two in space six! I hopped on the bus and rode back toward Mestre. Except nothing looked at all familiar. The longer I was on the bus, the less familiar the scenery got. I asked people on the bus, showing them the post card the hotel had given me with the address and a map of the neighborhood, but I was in an Italian city and the only language I speak fluently is English. The other riders were able to communicate that I was on the wrong bus and nowhere near where I needed to be. The bus driver had enough English to tell me which bus to catch after he left me off. When I got on the second bus, the driver had even less English, but he looked at my map and pointed to a spot on the floor right next to him. Then, when we got to the stop nearest my hotel on his route, he used hand gestures and the map to explain to me how to make my way back to my hotel. I was never so happy to see a hotel in my life.

And what song do you supposed was running through my head that long day as I walked around Venice and Mestre on my numb, wet feet wearing jeans that were still wet and stiff to the knees with sea water? The Proclaimers, “I Could Walk 500 Miles” because, what else would be stuck in my head?

What song is the story of your life?


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