I saw Enuff’Z’Nuff when they played the Akron Agora on their debut album tour in the <cough> late 80’s. They happened to be there on the weekend and it was a last minute decision. My friends, Cayte and Al were fishing for something to do and, oh heck, let’s go to the Agora and check out this band.

They impressed me enough that I went out after the show and spent some of my precious spending money on their tape. Tape. Really. I played the heck out of it over that summer and then somehow forgot about them.

Many years later I happened across that tape again and remembered how much I enjoyed them and their very late Beatles sound so I went hunting for information on them. Lo and behold, they had put out ten albums in the interim. I am a total sucker for anybody with that kind of determination so I had to seek out those ten albums. So much easier with mpgs now. I didn’t have to go to Checkered Records and dig through his piles of CDs. Those albums, in my opinion, are as good or better than the band I loved way back when and have earned a permanent place on my gigantic iTunes playlist.


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