What I’m Reading: Motley Crue

I scored a copy of this book on a bargain table for a buck or I wouldn’t have read it. And having read it, I can say it was like rubbernecking at an accident. Several years ago, I was watching streaming of a music festival and there were clips from before the bands went onstage. The members of Def Leppard were talking to each other. The members of Buckcherry were hamming it up for the camera. One of the bands I watched did a little group cheer before they went on stage. The members of Motley Crue barely acknowledged each other. That was where the difference between Touchstone and SendDown was born. The guys in Touchstone were in it together from the beginning like family. The guys in SendDown were drinking buddies who became famous and had to tolerate each other. Then over the course of their series, they learned to like each other. Pretty sure the guys in Motley Crue still don’t like each other.


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