‘“Cold.” Colleen chuckled as she walked into the kitchen for a glass to put the flowers in. Gee, the way her life was shaping up, she might have it invest in a vase. “You Californians just don’t understand cold.”

“It can get pretty chilly. I lived in the desert when I was growing up.” Paul leaned on the doorway, watching her move around the small room. “Some days it would be hundred degrees at noon and drop to forty at night.”

“Heck of a drop, but still not cold.” Colleen half-filled a glass with water and arranged the flowers in it. “Cold is when it’s been below zero for a month, the wind chill is thirty below, and it’s only November.” She carried the flowers out to the table. “But I’ll take your advice and get a sweater.”‘


I grew up and once again live in Ohio where we are experiencing a real winter. I know cold. However, I spent 4 years living in Abu Dhabi where cold was a nighttime low of 50 degrees. So I also understand “cold.” The struggle is real. My family used to laugh at me when I came home in July and August and wore sweatshirts because I was cold.


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