Super Women

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“I like the fact that your character on Space Odyssey is realistic,” a second woman said. “She’s not a big breasted blond with three advanced degrees who’s also a sniper and a fighter pilot.”


To be fair, I like Samantha Carter (the character played by Amada Tapping on Stargate SG-1.) However. She intimidates me by breathing. She blond and blue eyed. She holds a doctorate in astrophysicis. She’s a marksman (decorated.) She’s also a fighter pilot. By the end of Atlantis she held the rank of colonel. She perfect! It’s intimidating! I’ve also seen interviews with Amanda Tapping and she’s the bubbly antithesis of her character. So when I was coming up with the character Taylor played, I wanted her to be a character I would enjoy watching, but also the antithesis of Taylor. Where Taylor is hypersensitive to other people’s moods, her character is socially clueless and where Taylor knows she’s missing out on relationships, her character doesn’t realise there’s anything to miss. I’ve imagined a few episodes of their show, but I haven’t written them down.


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