What I’m Watching: Episodes season 1

The comedy series centers around a husband and wife producing team who are forced to navigate the many pitfalls of the Hollywood television business when their successful British show is brought to America; and the U.S. network insists on making the show more audience friendly by replacing their venerable thespian lead with… Matt LeBlanc.

Episodes, season 1





Honestly, when I spotted this in my local library I didn’t plan to ever watch it. I never watched Friends, so I have no particular fondness for Matt LeBlanc, but after I ran out of Entourage (and hated Extras) I picked it up and I am so glad! This series is fantastic.



2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Episodes season 1

  1. I love Matt. I’ve been watching the series he is on now off and on. I never got into Episodes. I really should look into that. I totally forgot all about it.

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