Lem Sharrod

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“She’s working with Lem Sharrod.” Taylor took another drink and notched down the speed on her treadmill to an easy jog.

“Not doing well.” Livia slowed her pace too.



Taylor frowned at the numbers ticking away on the dashboard. She’d been so focused on what was happening with her own show that she hadn’t been following anything else. If anything did happen to her part, she was going to need to know who was up, who was down, and who to avoid altogether. “Why?”

“Studio’s not happy. Expected more science fiction, less Wild, Wild West. Steampunk is D E A D.”


Lem Sharrod may or may not have been based on Jos Whedon and the show may or may not have been based on Firefly. The mythical show was actually born years earlier when I started writing Addy’s story (which I have yet to finish. Bad writer, bad, bad.) As I was writing this I had to make something up that was more than a Firefly rip-off so I embroidered. That way lies danger. Now I want somebody to make this Wild, Wild West in turn of the century New York with spies. (This trend got much worse when I was writing Tender Is the Night and had to come up with lots of television plots.)

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