Downton Abbey

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“I was thinking about Downton Abbey.”

When he thought she loved him he’d been kind of excited about the show even though it looked super boring. Now it was going to really test his patience. Maybe she’d be finished with him before he had to watch all six seasons.

“I’m thinking it might not be your cup of tea.”

“My what?”

“I was thinking you might not like it as much as I do, so I thought instead we could try this show I heard about called Vikings. Do you know it?”


“It’s a History Channel show and according to what I was reading online, it’s pretty accurate and there’s lots of battle scenes with swords and horses. I thought we might both enjoy that. Together.”

Ryan opened his eyes. She wasn’t going to make him watch a show about people in funny clothes with accents because she thought he might not like it. Instead she’d found a show she thought he might like. That didn’t fit with the pattern he was used to. “So you don’t want to watch Downton Abbey?”


This makes me laugh every time. I love Downton. I also love Vikings. With that in mind, one must admit that both shows involve people in funny clothes with accents. I also love the fact that Taylor is willing to watch this show. It is so not her style. I imagine that she spends every battle scene with her hands over her eyes, and the blood eagle scene? She might have left the room.

Amazon : Barnes & Noble : iTunes : Kobo


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