Ryan’s shirt

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Mick and Gale stood on either side of him watching the flames consume the shirt. The next afternoon (after he’d been given the shirt) he’d gotten the call to try out for Space Odyssey and thought it was his big break, but it was just another reminder that he was only useful for his body and unlovable.

“Sorry, buddy.” Gale clasped his shoulder.

“Yeah, sorry.” Mick gripped Ryan’s other shoulders. “Just try to think of her as a client. Do your job and you get paid.”


I felt so bad for Ryan in this scene. He’s such a sweet guy and I don’t think he ever wore the shirt (it’s a D&G gray with white pinstripes). This scene really displays the characters of the three guys. Ryan trying to escape his past, Gale being a supportive friend, and Mick offering advice.

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