Guest Post: Bre Meli #AuthorLove

Take the journey with Leigha Uvari as she becomes a woman, meets her first love, and juggles the big issue of life.

Seeing him, Zain Devold, for the first time as he climbs onto the bus to start at his new school, moving from the big city to this group of small towns and the gated community that holds all the amenities of life.

Leigha is too young to know what love is, all she knows is that he makes her heart skip a beat and she gets weak in the knees. Befriending his sister keeps her close to him. Loving him from afar because she cannot tell him how she feels.

During their budding friendship, he realizes her real intentions. Wanting to lose her virginity to him more than anything. He will not allow it. Finally getting him to express the way he feels about her. Leigha creates this great love affair in her mind, but it’s it all in her head?

Then he is gone. Disappeared info the night. No explanation, no note, no phone call. She never learns why they left. Even when she sees their parents coming and going from the house, there is no way Leigha will ask what happened or where the love of her life is? She believes there will never be this profound of a love for another man again.

Nine years later, two children and one failed marriage, Leigha is bartending at one of the taverns in a small town outside of the gated community in which they grew up. Learning of his Mother’s death makes her wonder if he will return with the rest of his family.

Sauntering into the tavern, exhausted and full of sorrow, Zain Devold bellies up to the bar to get drunk, chase away the hurt that lives inside from losing his Mother. Leigha comes to take his order. They stare at one another for what seems like an eternity. All of the questions she has must wait. The pain on his face is extremely thick.

As the night goes on and the tavern empties they have time to talk. She closes the joint for the night letting him stay while she cleans. She can’t seem to make him leave. Not just yet.


Will Zain finally accept the one thing that Leigha so willingly wanted to give him as teenagers? One night of pure passion, an ecstacy that she knows only he can give her. Or will they leave the past where it belongs? In the past….


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This excerpt from My First Love is how my actual first real kiss happened…

Next thing I know his face is coming toward mine. My first real kiss! Opening my lips, ready to feel his, except his lips are closed, so they go straight into my mouth. Pulling back, completely embarrassed. Zain smiles.

Coming back at me again, I pucker, his lips are open. Mine go straight into his mouth. Totally mortified now, he laughs which makes me laugh.

“One more try,” Zain puts his hand on my cheek, “Open your lips just a little,” Doing as he says, he moves in again.

Our lips meet, and fireworks go off in the room. Zain moves his lips, and I follow his lead. His hand leaves my cheek, going around to my neck, pushing my lips harder into his. Forcing them open further, his tongue slips between them. Our tongues mingle as the kiss deepens, our breath quickens, and our free hands start to roam.

His hand touches me in places that no boy has ever dared. A thumb grazes across my nipple, and my body goes into overdrive. Rolling him over straddling him. Feeling the hard shaft up against my private place, my bottom half starts to move. Didn’t tell it to! Was like my body automatically knew what to do.


Author Bio

Bre is the mother of 2 grown ass boys, grandmother to a beautiful 4 year old girl and another sweet lil girl that she will get to meet in October! So excited!! Bre and Mr. Starr have been together for almost 11 years…. He is a serious pain, but none of this would have happened without him. He knew her dream was to write books for the world to see, he gave her the push and courage to go for it!

Besides reading and writing, she loves music. Can’t play an instrument to save her life and her signing voice has gone to hell but that doesn’t stop me from singing in the shower or at the top of her lungs in the shower. (Yeah, she dance too 😀 )


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