What I’m Watching: The Christmas Card

The Christmas Card (Hallmark)Once in a while; a movie comes along that reminds us how powerful love can be. In the midst of war in Afghanistan; Captain Codey Cullen (John Newton; “Desperate Housewives”) is touched by a lovely card sent by Faith Spelman (“The Chris Isaak Show”) from the small picturesque town of Nevada City; California. As months pass; the card never leaves his side; giving him the strength to survive and setting him on a mission to find her. When Cody returns to the States; he finds himself coincidentally welcomed by her family and friends; but he remains hesitant to reveal the fateful connection that brought him to her. As a new Christmas approaches; Cody has one last opportunity to prove his courage – by taking a chance on love and finding the woman; the home; and the life he’s always wanted.

This movie nearly derailed my Christmas novella in the Mistletoe Kisses. I was working away on it with this playing in the background and suddenly I wanted to write a different story. I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be next year’s…



2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: The Christmas Card

  1. I had never heard of that movie but am going to try to find it. Do you know if it was a novel first? I am looking forward to reading your novella.

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