What I’m Watching: One Christmas Eve

One Christmas EveI grant you, this Hallmark movie about a family having a disasterous Christmas eve is cheesy and predictable, but it was also absolutley delightful. A puppy is dropped off at a business after close and the onlt people there to recieve it are the cleaning men. One of them can’t leave the puppy behind over the holiday where he tried to leave it on the doorstep of a newly divoced mom of two. She catches him before he can make his getaway and as he’s trying to explain, he falls on the sidewalk and they have to take him to the emergency room where they park in a no parking zone because they’re only going to be a minute—which turns into hours—and one disaster piles onto another. The acting was well done. The slapstick was delightful. There’s even an adorable puppy. This one is a keeper.




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